A group of wine-growers

We are wine-growers from Burgundy and Beaujolais settled alongside the river Saône and we have united within an informal structure to offer our production to professional wine-sellers who care about what lies at the heart of viticulture :
- soil work
- hand-picking
The estates in this group rightly deserve the name of “terroir” because their soils are either ploughed or grassed to avoid the use of pesticides. The treatment of the vineyards respects the plant and its environment to the utmost, with or without having the organic-food label. Selling terms to professionals are similar to those you would find in each estate and  you can group your order from a single starting-point. Our offer is completed with 3 estates outside the area but with the same approach.

A certain idea of wine

We should rather talk about our idea of viticulture for it is in the vineyard that we focus our efforts. Most of us have inherited existing vineyards victim of post-war years mistakes. Each generation has its work habits and the new ways in Burgundy since the late 90s enable us to claim a high quality level. It all started with renouncing fertilizers to replace them with soil working : earthing up, scraping, no more herbicides, so that the plant can find its own balance within its environment to better resist diseases. It is difficult, but prophylactic work (removing buds and/or leaves , straightening branches...) coupled with the use of environment-friendly products result in a more respectful treatment of the plant.
We look for ripeness and perfect sanitary result and all the estates use for Pinot and sometimes for Chardonnay a sorting conveyor belt, which can be vital some years to get faultless grapes. The estates from Beaujolais make their wine in a traditional way, either with full grapes or after having taken the green off, but they never heat them to turn to wine.