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We have a family estate. Our grandfather used to practice mixed farming on the hills of Py, our flagship terroir for Morgon. At that time, the cereals grown were used to feed the cattle and vine-growing was nearly occasional. Gamay used to be grown about everywhere in France before the phylloxera epidemic, it used to be one of the most planted grapes in the country, except in the South of France (the “Midi”). On the hillsides, Gamay can be surprising and yield wines with  density, structure, with a wonderful acidity that gives a good potential aging of more than 10 years in the good vintages. The hype around “ Beaujolais Nouveau” has made people forget about the true qualities of our wines and the hard times our wine- area is going through will only be overcome by those who stick to tradition, vine work, hand-picking, wine-making from entire grapes, which is carbonic fermentation.
This is the philosophy we try to follow and we keep on making progress in our working methods by allowing our soils to live, so as to make the best of our terroirs. Weed-killers are not used anymore, we spend a lot more time in the vines disbudding, aerating vine-stocks, letting only 6 to 8 grapes per stock, so as to avoid contamination through diseases. Our copper-based or sulfur-based treatments are determined by the weather conditions during the year and by the micro-climate of each plot. Our 19 hectares of vines are hand-picked. The 5 hectares of Beaujolais “villages” from the Lantignié area are blended whereas the growths (“crus”) from Morgon and Régnié are carefully selected plot by plot, because soils, there are very different. We have 13 hectares in Morgon, 8 of which are on the hills of the Py, a hillside where the word “terroir” really means something. Our goal is to produce 50 hectoliters per hectare and to pick the grapes only when they have reached full maturity by sorting out the grapes in the rows.
Entire bunches are vatted at around 15°C. Our grapes are not yeasted, we just wait for fermentation to start, then temperatures gradually rise naturally and devatting takes place 9 to 15 days later, depending on terroir and vintage. Free-run wine and press wine are then blended, the terroir “cuvées” are partially aged in casks of 3 to 6 wines. If you wait for 7 to 10 years before tasting our Morgon Côte du Py, you' ll be convinced by the quality of our wines. Only terroir wines can age so well. New way of life, low wine consumption and light cooking perfectly suit our light, easy wines that get a little more popular among young wine consumers who just like enjoying themselves in a friendly atmosphere.