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Taken over in 2002 by Olivier Giroux, the estate covers 8.8 hectares of vineyards, 6 of which are Pouilly-Loché. The name includes 31 hectares of vineyards, and most of the grapes are vinified by the local cooperative winery. Five wine-growers share the name till the wine is bottled up on the estate and the difference in name from its famous neighbour Pouilly-Fuissé dates back to 1936, for the sake of good relationship. Pouilly-Loché but also Pouilly-Vinzelles are currently awaiting their classification of « premier cru ».

The name of the estate « Clos des Rocs » is linked to a parcel of 3.5 hectares with a sole wine-grower, a place known as « Les Mûres ». The wine-grower had to wait almost 10 years to claim an organic label although his new approach started non-officially in 2006. Olivier was quickly convinced of the interest in following this approach so as to best express the potential of each parcel on the estate. The latter is split in two by a geological fault with, on one side, alluvial soils which give the simple « Le Domaine », and on the other side Jurassic limestone which gives the parcel selections.
We plough to air and weed the soils, we treat with copper, sulphur and organic produces, and we respect the moon cycles to allow the vines to fend for themselves and grow grapes which give a wine true to its origins.

Grapes are hand-picked and we experiment on separating the juices in the press so as to keep only « la cuvée » that is to say the best of the grape. Fermentation is due to the natural yeasts and the wines from the parcel selection are left to age in casks and 600-litre barrels (demi-muids) for another 18 months. No chemical is added apart from a homoeopathic dose of sulphites to ensure you can enjoy your wine longer.