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Our family estate is spread over  17 hectares, the majority in the Saint-Aubin area but also in the south of the Côte d'Or : Puligny, Chassagne et Santenay. 80 % of our estate is Chardonnay terroir, limestone covered with a thin layer of soil which we keep alive thanks to growing methods repectful of the fauna. The remaining 20% Pinot spread over  three areas, “Village” appellations in Chassagne and Santenay, and “premier cru” in Saint-Aubin.

Our growing methods are simple but need a lot of work be it ploughing or working on the growing vines to maintain the vineyard in a balanced ecosystem resistant to disease without the use of chemicals. Our aim is  a sustainable viticulture and for some years almost all the estate has been worked organically, even if we do not advertise that. We are keen on plant biodiversity and our last plantings were both of original and grafted stock,  with root-stocks that ensure quality over quantity. It is the tasting of the grapes, seed, flesh and skin, which governs the date of the harvest, avoiding over-ripeness for a better terroir flavour in our wines. All our grapes are hand-picked and taken to the “cave” in small boxes before being sorted where necessary.

Chardonnay is wholly pressed, in pneumatic presses, then the juices are just slightly filtered to keep  the fine lees. We use 600-litre casks for the fermentation and the maturation of our white wines so as not to leave a wood print. We aim at a balance between maturity, freshness and minerality. Pinots go onto the sorting table then they are destalked and vatted, and left to soak. The alcoholic fermentation is done by natural yeasts and “pigeage” (grapes stomping) is just occasional ; the malolactic fermentation is done in the casks where the wines remain one year before they are assembled for a few months rest and finally bottled by gravity. The whole production is bottled on the estate. We want to offer wines typical of their terroir and sun exposure, pristine, crisp, taut in the early years but with a complexity which increases after several years in the cellar. Our red wines can be laid down or enjoyed young due to their fruity flavour and  very fine tannins.