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Our estate is in Fleurie, in the heart of the Beaujolais wines : 20 hectares of vineyards divided into Fleurie (10 hectares), Julienas (2 hectares), Chiroubles (2 hectares), Morgon « La Roche Pilée » (2 hectares) and 3 hectares of « appelation régionale ». Our vines have been planted over several generations and we have plants which are in average over 50 years old.
Our vines are head-pruned and as they grow on poor soil, the yield is naturally limited around 50 hl/ha. We use sustainable methods and hand-picking to vat whole grapes, carefully sorted before they reach the cellar.
Vinifications are according to the year, whole grapes if we have achieved physiological ripeness, de-stemmed if the year has been difficult. Vatting varies from 7 to 15 days according to terroir, year and tasting during fermentation, but always with natural yeasts. Then a classical ageing in vats or barrels on fine lees with some time spent in mixed wines casks for the 100-year-old vines of Terroir du Pavillion.