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I am originally from Chablis but chance meetings took me to Moulin à Vent where I settled in 2007 on 4 hectares of vines. The estate is developing well but I don't want to rush anything : I am the only one to work full-time in the vineyards and in 2012, after I had worked the soils for a few years to get to know my « terroirs », I started a conversion to organic agriculture. Thanks to a high level of minerals like manganese and a poor soil of decomposed pink granite, the wines from Moulin à Vent are among the most tannic wines in Beaujolais.

I spend most of my time in the vineyards and I start with a short head-pruning with 6/8 buds (eyes) before debudding to limit yields. My soils are alive as from the beginning, I stopped the use of herbicides and I alternate grass cover with ploughing to develop natural life. Once I had mastered this process, I went from sustainable methods to organic agriculture, having reinforced the natural defences of the plant through compost teas and fermented plants.

Grapes are hand-picked and sorted in the cellar before they are vatted whole, without de-stalking. Every parcel is vinified separately without any yeast added, and vinification is only to preserve the fruit as our wines are naturally tannic. Fermenting times vary according to parcels or years, pressed wines and free-run wines are assembled in barrels or casks mixing different sorts to be left to age for 8 or 12 months according to « cuvées ».