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We run a family estate from 4 generations but we used to sale our wine in bulk to negociant in Beaune. My sister and I took over the estate late in the 90th and we slowly introduce new practice in the vineyards with the aim to sale our production in bottle to retailers and to importers.
We grow 9 hectares of vines aged over 50 years old and we keep the wine coming from the oldest vines to bottle it. We own 3.5 hectares of Chorey-les-Beaune and we blend the wines from 2  spots over 75 years old for our bottling. We also cultivate 1.85 hectare in Savigny-les-Beaune a spot called « Les Picotins » and only half hectare of Aloxe-Corton with Pinot Noir a area called « Les Cras ». The rest of the vineyards – AOC Burgundy – is located in the bottom of the hills and cover a flat land.
Our work in the vineyards is fully respectful of the soil and the vines. We plough the soil and do not use anymore chemical to kill the grass. We act in accordance of organic rules except during the flowering because we want to produce about 40/45 hectoliters per hactare. We have selected quality's vine-stock in order to produce small grapes of Pinot Fin. We leave only 6 buds on each stock to get about 10 grapes per vine.
The picking is handmade and the grapes are carried in small boxes to the cellar. Since 2015 we put the grapes on a sorting table to keep only the best berries. We macerate the juice into the tank with about 5% of steam and leave them for few days at 10/12°celsius before the alcoholic fermentation start. We do not add yeasts only natural one to convert the sugar. We use between 5 and 10% of new oak and all our wines are matured during two winters in our cellar 12 in barrels and 6 in tanks. We slightly filter our wines and since 2015 we bottle about half of our production.