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I created my vineyards in 2008. I was 22 and I had left South Beaujolais to work on the not-so-well-known  soils of Chénas. From 2.3 hectares at the beginning, the estate now represents 10 hectares of vineyards as in 2012 we bought « Le domaine des Chassignols », next to Moulin à Vents. Still using a majority of Chénas, my brother and I have started working on these vineyards and we progressively transform the new parcels with a biodynamic approach. Soils are systematically ploughed, some of them with our mare, and the vines are being replaced by a clonal selection of low production. We have chosen this location close to Moulin à Vent because the soils are similar but with a much cheaper price per hectare. When appellations were created in 1936, part of Moulin à Vent extended on Chénas ground, which allow me to say that on a blind test, our wines are mistaken for their neighbour.
Hand-picking, sorting, de-stalking of the grapes and natural yeasts, this is what we offer the grapes with a wine-making more after a Burgundy tradition than a Beaujolais one. We respect parcel selection and we work our different « terroirs » separately, and maturing in air-tight casks to avoid the use of sulphur during the ageing process. We bottle our wines without filtration and sulphur is used to ensure their staying power. We produce two types of wine : « Carrières », a supple wine, light on sediments and sands, and the rest of the production, heady, structured wines, strong on granite ground.